About the dog training blog.

and not only will it help you gain a better relationship with your dog and give you an obedient dog that does what you tell him. It also shape your personality as a leader.

Dog Training is far more about human psychology than about the dog itself. Dogs are pack animals, they are born with the ability to live in a pack (or in our case, a family) and do their job well.

If you look for example at the closest relative of the dog, the wolf, at nature. Why do you think wolves have survived and prospered for such a long time in such large numbers while other animals, some stronger, some faster and some smarter, have been deteriorating in number to the point of near extinction? for example, large cats, rhinos, elephants and such…

The Reason for that is simple, wolves have an uncanny ability to work as a team. while other animals work alone or posses far inferior communication skills with their packs and/or herds. That is one of the biggest reasons they are much better survivors than other animals.

How does that help us? well, by giving the dog the proper environment, the dog will develop his own personality and become a useful member of the family, instead of a nuisance and a bother. By becoming the dog’s Alpha Leader and asserting the chain of command in your family, the dog will know its place and job and will live a happy life knowing he is a valued member of the pack.


Our Mission

Is simply to make dogs life easier by training people to give them the proper environment, and training your dog and yourself is the best way to do it – an obedient dog is a happy dog and a dog owner with a well trained dog, is a happy dog owner. that is our mission, to give you the best dog owning experience and to give your dog the best family/pack he could have.[/ecko_contrast]

Teaching your dogs tricks

A lot of people seem to think that making your dog do tricks is a form of abuse, we are here to tell you that they cannot be more wrong – the dogs are waiting for it and they love it. for them it’s like playing and they always love getting the treat afterwards. you’ll see it when you start working on tricks with your dog, as soon as you get into the position to do the tricks with him, he will start shaking his tail and run up to you because he can’t wait to start…