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Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Harvie Dent Apr 04, 2016
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So you’ve got a Yorkshire Terrier, how awesome are those tiny little buggers? Well, due to their fragile bodies, these toy group breeds generally need more attention and care as compared to the big dog breeds. And they need better nutritional care to maintain their beauty level. Yorkies are even prone to serious health problems including tooth decay, digestion and low blood sugar so it is important to feed them with appropriate dog food.

But don’t worry, We will guide you on how to select the best dog food for yorkies by keeping in mind some of the most crucial parameters we need to keep your Yorkie happy, healthy and beautiful.

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dogfoodDry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?

Like many small dimensional dogs, Yorkies suffer from many dental issues due to their very small mouth size and their overcrowded teeth. You can give your love wet dog food or canned food if you are regularly visiting the doctor for dental cleaning and brushing but in my personal opinion I would suggest you to try dry dog food or dry kibble because wet dog food contain approx. 70% of water based content which can get stuck in your pet’s teeth.

Also the dry food has crunchy and hard texture which helps to remove plaque and other dental disease from the surface of the teeth when the dog chews.

And one more personal advantage, your dog face won’t get sticky due to its long fur hairs on the face while eating dry food. The age of your dog also determines the type of food to eat. Younger Yorkies (only a couple of months) are advisable to intake only wet food or very bland food until their body grows enough to chew the dry one.

Caloric Requirement

So, you may have the best quality of dog food for your yorkie but the exact caloric requirement varies according to its age, activity level and BMI. According to National Research Council of the National Academies, a normal dog requires 30 calories/pound of their body weight per day to maintain proper functioning of its body parts and for its ideal weight.

Yorkies usually weigh between 4 to 8 pounds. Dogs with a moderate activity level or low activity level requires 150 calories of food a day. Other than that, yorkies with very high energy levels or activity levels can uplift their requirement up-to 200 calories per day.

  • Puppies under the age of 1 year require about 400 calories to enhance their body growth level.


Frequent Meals

As your Yorkies themselves are so small (not even 10 pounds), imagine how small their stomachs are. They can’t stick to large meals like most dogs. They don’t have an effective digestive system to digest big meals and they are especially prone to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level problems.

Dividing the daily calories requirement into small frequent meals is the only solution. It is suggested that for smaller puppies you divide into 4-6 meals per day and 4 meals for the adult one. Deciding to go with dog food with small pieces also makes it easier for your toy soldier to eat and digest well.[/ecko_contrast]

Important Ingredients for your Yorkie

  • proteinsProteins: All dogs need proteins that can provide them with essential amino acids to give them building blocks and carbon chains which are required to make glucose for energy. Food with more quantity of protein coming from muscles of animals are the best dog food for yorkies. High quality muscles generating proteins are a must for yorkies, including lamb, fish, turkey, chicken and beef.(Avoid: Proteins which does not come from muscles of an animal.)According to AAFCO, dogs require at-least 18% protein content in their daily ration. For growing and highly active yorkies, it is advisable to increase it up-to 35-40%.
  • Fats: Fat is also highly essential for yorkies to enhance the texture of their long shiny hair coats. Animal fats and seed oils are an ideal source of fats. It is advisable to have 15-20% of fat content in a daily yorkie’s diet. You can also provide extra shine to their hairs by putting a few drops of fish oil in their meal once in a day.
  • Carbohydrates: Yorkies are selective in eating  carbohydrates. Food with high quality grains like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, barley and brown rice are preferred in their meals. There is no such minimum or maximum requirement of carbohydrates in a daily meal as they are equally important for muscle growth like proteins.(Avoid: Corn and Soy which are really for their stomach and digestive system)

Recommended Dog Food Comparison

In this section, we have made a comparison table for you with the highest quality dog food, which was chosen by us based on customer validation and our personal experience. So, Take a look at the Best Dog Food for Yorkies available on the market. below the table are full reviews of each of the products listed.

ImageNameProtein SourceGrain Free?Price (30 lb)
Best Dog food for yorkiesROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog FoodChicken Meat & Chicken FatNo (Brewers Rice, Brown Rice, Corn)$39 - $45
(10 lb)
Best Dog food for yorkiesBlue Buffalo Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog FoodDeboned Chicken, Chicken MealNo Cheap Grains (Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal)$42 - $48
Best Dog food for yorkiesTaste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Hi-Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & VenisonBuffalo, Lamb Meal, Chicken MealGrain Free$45 - $50
Best Dog food for yorkiesWellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food for Small BreedsDeboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Salmon MealNo Cheap Grains (Oatmeal, Ground Brown Rice, Ground Barley)$50 - $55

Best Dog food for yorkiesROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition features their special product only for Yorkshire Terrier. The kibble product is developed with much care and attention to the chewing and eating habits of Yorkies to make them eat comfortably and avoid any dental problem.

Its exclusive formula helps in maintaining the shine and texture of your puppy’s long coat hairs. Enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), Omega 6 fatty acids, and Biotin. Yorkshire Terriers are known to have a fussy appetite.

As the yorkies are selective feeders, there is an exceptional combination of aroma and flavors to attract them. It also provides a selection of nutrients and minerals to provide longer life to their fragile body structure. Contains 100% Balanced nutrition and is recommenced for Yorkies over 10 months old.

Best Dog food for yorkiesBlue Buffalo Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the oldest faces for feeding the pups as it contains a lot of nutrients and stuff that we are looking for. And the best part is that it does not contain soy, wheat and corn. It contains high quality protein from de-boned chicken which helps in building strong muscles.

It also does not contain any chicken byproducts which are not easily digested by your yorkies. Specially designed according to the mouth and eating habit of yorkies with small bite kibble. Presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and for splendid hair coat. The price of this product might be uncomfortable for you but it is a damn high quality product.

Best Dog food for yorkiesTaste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Hi-Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison

As the name resembles, this food gets full marks for its 100% natural ingredient presence and sniff catching aroma .In addition to other products, this dog food bag has addition of bison and venison which gives omega 3 along with its fruity taste.There are no bad elements like corn and soy which causes digestion problems. 

The carbs seem to come from dried chicory root instead of sweet potatoes and rice. Addition of dried chicory also enhance the value and quantity of carbohydrates in the diet. One of the plus points in it is that it contains fish oil which is generally never seen in any other dog food. The only disadvantage for this product is that it is common for all dogs, means for small and big dogs, so the size of the food particle may disappoint your love to chew.

Best Dog food for yorkiesWellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds

The main advantage that I have seen in this product is its versatility. This products contains three different sources of animal protein which makes protein ratio of this packet is higher than 28%. ( larger than other food products)

It includes ground flax-seed instead of fish oil, not as effective, but still it is good. Main source of carbs in this product are sweet potatoes which is not the best. (because it is quite common in any dog food product) The product contains many different chemicals along with the ingredients, I am not quite familiar with them which means i find them hard to trust.

Still, the main ingredients and the highest protein content makes it super healthy. It also comes with Wellness Super-5-Mix Puppy Health Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food which provides puppy power to help your love grow with lean muscles, strong bones, and a sharp mind, all at a steady growth rate.


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