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A Bulldog Puppy for Sale

Harvie Dent Apr 16, 2016
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Hey there! today’s post is for all you people who want to put their bulldog puppy up for sale. Yes, I saw many people putting up online advertisement to find the best buyer but still are not able to any. The main reason we found for this, after reviewing many advertisements, is the poor or inappropriate selling description.

Bulldogs, considered to be the fourth most popular dog breed in the world, are calm, courageous, social, dignified but amusing. These medium sized dogs with average energy level are officially recognized by the AKC in 1886. Bulldogs outer coat is considered to be very sensitive and requires proper attention when they are in direct sun heat. They cannot even better the cold weather. In short, they require stable temperature conditions to survive happily. So with this short introduction of the breed, We will now tell you some key points to consider or to put while writing the description of your bulldog for selling.

Main Characteristics

2Many new dog buyers are always in a dilemma of which breed would be suitable for them according to their needs. Highlighting the main characteristics of bulldog makes it easier for them to decide whether Bulldog is their soul’s breed. So, here are some of the main characteristics of the bulldog that should be mentioned.

  • Bulldogs are generally found be lazy and stubborn. They are happy with a single long walk in a day. They don’t require any harsh training sessions to satisfy their activity level.
  • This dog breed comes in a variety of colors and marking which means you have a wide range of choice to choose your favorite one. They come in 10 different colors and 4 markings.
  • There is no such problem of hair coat shedding in bulldogs. They require less grooming sessions as they have very short hair coat and are also less prone to external skin allergies and infection.
  • They are considered to be the luxury breed as they can’t tolerate overheat and are advised to stay inside the home with moderate temperature conditions. And the more important point, they are also very costly to buy.
  • They are also considered to be very neutral and calm dog breed and are easy to familiar with the strangers and seldom barks.

Mentioning of Age, Gender and Dimensions.

It is also one of the major key factors. Many buyers are very filtered regarding their choice. Sometimes, they require a particular puppy of a particular age and sex. So, the proper mentioning of age and gender is must (you can also provide the birth certificate of the dog to give them 100% satisfaction). The accurate mentioning of height and weight is also necessary as it indicates the current health condition of the dog to the buyers.

Height (average)31-40 cm
Weight (average)Male: 24-25 kg, Female: 22-23 kg
Life Expectancy8 to 10 years
Best EnviromentApartment Living. Outside can be difficult if too hot.
Temparmentlazy, confident, clever, playful.

General description of the dog

1The main portion of a selling description is a proper and brief description of the appearance of the dog for your bulldog puppy for sale. The deeper your description, the interested buyers you’ll have. The shape and size of all the standard purebred bulldog breeds are generally same but the difference comes in the color and marking section. The breed contains a large list of colors and markings. Here is a list of the standard colors : (don’t forget to mention which one of them is your puppy)

  • Brindle & White
  • Fawn
  • Fawn & White
  • Fawn Brindle & White
  • Gray Brindle
  • Red
  • Red & White
  • Red Brindle
  • Red Brindle & White
  • White
  • Black
  • Black & Fawn
  • Black & White
  • Black Fawn & White
  • Black Red & White
  • Brindle
  • Bronze
  • Fawn & Brindle
  • Gray and Gray
  • White

The 4 standard markings are Black Mask, Brindle Markings, Piebald and White Markings. Other than that, the standard bulldog has low swung body with a thick and heavy coat. It has a short-faced head full of the heavy mass with wide shoulders and hefty limbs.

Proper Certifications

According to all buyers, the best choice to buy a Bulldog puppy is from a Kennel Club registered breeder that has experience with the breed and ideally exhibits their dogs. As they are not professionals or veterinarians, they don’t know how to check the purity. So, they only believe certificates. These certificates are the symbol of purity and standardization of the breed. Many buyers also demand the history of the parents of the puppy. So, the record of a descent of the pet, showing it to be pure-bred is a must during the selling process. Medical certificates and vaccination card should also their which indicates that the puppy is free from any kind of disease.

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