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Golden Retriever breeder

Choosing a Right Golden Retriever Breeder

Harvie Dent May 09, 2016
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Do you think that finding a good Golden Retriever breeder is like going to the supermarket for groceries and a ride back home? You might think so, but that’s not the case. Many people have a thought in their minds that deciding on the optimal dog breed is really the only major task while buying a new dog. The truth is that choosing the right breeder is a lot more important!

Height (average)Male: 23-24 inches, Female: 21.5-22.5 inches
Weight (average)Male: 65-75 pounds, Female: 55-65 pounds
Life Expectancy11 to 12 years
Best EnviromentDoes great with a yard. can adapt to apartment environment.
Temparmentcalm, steady-tempered, confident, very loyal.

There are tons of available options roaming the market… places for you to buy and/or adopt a beautiful Golden Retriever pup. Sadly though, many of these places will not give you a healthy and purebred dog. So, in today’s post, we will talk all about the golden retriever to understand exactly what we need to look for when choosing our breeder. Stay tuned until the end and please share your views in the comment below!

Characteristics of the breed

So, before you head towards finding a good and reputable breeder for owning a Golden Retriever, you should be very well aware of all the main characteristics of the breed which will be very helpful in deciding whether the dog breed is suitable to fit in your environment or not.

Moderate Maintenance or Care

Being a large dog breed with long hair coat, Grooming should be done on a weekly basis to keep its fur in good shape and soften condition. Regular wash and shampoo is also a must for the good growth and dust-free coat. Another than that, Occasional trimming or stripping is also necessary from the major hair growing parts.

Moderate Shedding

We all know that large dog breeds with long fur comea with regular shedding, so be prepared with your vacuum cleaner to keep your hood clean from the leftovers. But, luckily unlike other breeds, the shedding is not that as heavy as people think in comparison. To reduce it, Proper brushing is a must.

Easy to Train

Training will be an enjoyable process as no harsh training is required for this dog breed. Being an intelligent, friendly, devoted and obedient dog, the Golden Retrievers are inclined to listen to commands and actions. Unlike other dog breeds, Golden Retrievers love the training sessions so much and show the quick results within fewer repetitions of practice sessions.

Poor Guard Dogs

As we mentioned that Golden Retrievers are friendly and non-aggressive dog breed, this trait makes them a poor guard dog as they easily become familiar with other people and dogs in its first meeting. And that is why, they are categorized under the family dog category as they are very playful, energetic and affectionate around the kids.

Beware of these breeders

Golden Retriever breederIn today’s world, there is a huge number of “fake” Golden Retriever breeders in the market. And most common people cannot see the difference between a true purebred and a mutt. There are breeder sources from which you should be beware of.

Rescue Dogs

Many people prefer to go for a well trained and full grown adult Golden Retriever as they hesitate or don’t have enough time to spend on a puppy to turn it into a well-behaved adult. The good news for the adoption of Golden Retriever is that it is a very cheap procedure but the application process is little lengthy and time consuming. The possibility of finding an adult golden is quite easy but the conditions are not likely to secure a puppy through rescue, it may consume a very long time. Rescue dogs don’t come with a guaranty of their present health and purity.

Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

Many of you may get easily fascinated by the quick response, less application procedure, less cost and a huge past record of selling of the pet stores and puppy mills. However, there are many downfalls to adopting through these agencies. These Golden Retriever dogs are generally poorly breed, meaning they are prone to more health and poor nutrition problems. For breeders like them, this is only a business that is why they kept puppies in poor conditions for the less expenditure cost. Such owners do not understand how to care for puppies or how to breed responsibly, in a way that minimizes the risk of genetic disorders which ultimately leads to the change in the behavior and the temperament of the puppy.

Characteristics of a good breeder

  • The good breeders are associated with the different organizations like the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever Club of America, or a local Golden Retriever club from a longer period of time.
  • A good and dedicated breeder is usually involved in different competitions, hunting shows, tracking or any other kind of dog shows. This shows the strong networking of the breeder with other dog lovers or experts and also the commitment towards his profession.
  • A good Golden Retriever breeder keeps his dogs in clean premises. Along with that, the breeder should have great tuning or socialization with his pets and they will also never offer to sell a puppy under seven weeks age as it is emotionally difficult for the puppy to survive and can lead to annoying behavioral issues.
  • He will also provide a pedigree for both the parents of the puppy, mentioning information on any hereditary disorder in the puppy’s genes. Along with that extensive medical records, including dates, of any vaccinations, exams, and deworming will also be issued.
  • A genuine Golden Retriever breeder will never give his puppies to anyone. He will surely ask you a lot about your previous experience of owning a dog and also your interest in the Golden Retrievers specifically. So, be prepared for their questioning rounds. And never worry, if you get confused when he asks a lot of questions, this a good sign.

Mandatory questions to AskGolden Retriever breeder

Here is a list of some compulsory questions that you should ask the Golden Retriever breeder before buying.

  • How long have they been breeding this particular dog breed (Golden Retriever)?
  • Is the breeder a member of Golden Retriever Club of America and a local/regional Golden Retriever club? And how long they been a member?
  • Will they sign an agreement to contract to take the dog back? Will they put it in writing along with the refund?
  • Do they have proof of clearances on the sire and dam of the little one, shot records and offer approx. 3 to 5 generation pedigree of the puppies?
  • Do the breeder has a clear knowledge of the basic temperaments in the pedigree of the pups?
  • Do all their dog breeds are purebred and AKC registered?
  • Will the breeder allow you to visit their site where the mother Golden Retriever and the litter reside so you can see the environment and the surrounding in which they are raised?

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