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Everything about American Golden Retriever

Harvie Dent Apr 15, 2016
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  • large, strong built, obedient and powerful.
  • elegant, devoted and easy to groom.
  • calm, steady-tempered, and confident.
  • very loyal to his family.
  • aquatic (It means loves water a lot)

American Golden Retriever, third most popular dog breed in the world, is highly intelligent, friendly and devoted dog breed. They were named “Retriever” because of their ability to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting. There are only some minor differences between the American and the standard Retriever like American Goldens like having reddish coat color, foxy head, less calm and riddled with cancer. These water loving dogs have a long and dense coat which maintain their normal body temperature and an outer coat that repels water.

Height (average)Male: 23-24 inches, Female: 21.5-22.5 inches
Weight (average)Male: 65-75 pounds, Female: 55-65 pounds
Life Expectancy11 to 12 years
Best EnviromentDoes great with a yard. can adapt to apartment environment.
Temparmentcalm, steady-tempered, confident, very loyal.


hugThe best part of this dog breed is its Temperament. These family oriented dogs are kind, friendly, calm, confident and lovable. They have very good patience and that is why they are the first choice for every child. Due to their overwhelming and kind introduction with every stranger, these dogs are considered as poor guard dogs or protection dogs. The American Golden Retriever dog breed ranks fourth in Stanley Coren’s-The Intelligence of Dogs as one of the brightest dogs ranked by obedience command trainability. This dog breed is hardworking and focused towards its work rather they love to work. They have the capacity to work until their saturation point.

American Golden Retriever is generally found to be less calmed than English Golden Retriever. These dogs need less casual training as they are born intelligent, athletic and have the desire to obey rules and commands. No harsh and intensive training is required as they respond very well to positive and upbeat training styles. Having high social skills and mental stability, these dogs are comfortable with other dogs, cats and most of the other livestock also. All these qualities makes them great guide dogs, companions, mobility assistance dogs, and search and rescue dogs. And one major fact that they love water a lot!



It came into existence when people were looking for a medium sized hunting breed in early 1800. It was originally bred near Glen Affric in Scotland, at “Guisachan”, the highland estate of Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Baron Tweedmouth. Later on, they were crossed with water spaniels to get Golden Retriever. American kennel club recognised American Golden Retriever in 1925. The Kennel Club in England recognised the Golden Retriever as a distinct breed in 1911. Lord Tweedmouth crossed the original yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel to evolve the Golden Retriever.

The breed is said to have originated from the Russian tracks. When the pointer breeds in retrievals was found to be ineffective, a need for a specialist retriever arose. Marjoribanks’ vision included a more vigorous and powerful dog than previous retrievers with gentleness and easily trainable qualities. Marjoribanks’ goal was to originate all sporting dogs with powerful active nature and gentle mouth for retrieving games.


General Appearance

appearance2The American Golden Retriever is a large, robust and well-built breed having a dense, water-repellent wavy light golden to dark brown coat giving red color reflections. The upper coat is wavy while the lower coat is very smooth. The dog has mild feathering on the backs of its forelegs and heavier feathering on the fronts of their necks, backs, thighs and the tails bottoms. It has a broad and foxy shaped head with tapered muzzle Addition to it, it has a brown nose and gentle brown eyes with medium-sized hanging ears.

On the muscular shoulders, the dog has a sturdy neck which is quite appealing for its personality. Their tails are long and do not curl. American types are less muscular than other types but they have a broad chest and strong thighs. They also have powerful, and well-coordinated gait while running. Other than that, The American Golden Retriever is the same as Golden Retrievers that conform to other national standards. American breeders of Golden Retrievers sometimes import their dogs from Britain to take advantage of the temperament and appearance of the British types.


American Golden Retriever requires regular grooming of the long double coat hair at least once a month and daily during shedding and baths period to keep yourself spared from their hairs in your home everywhere. Extra care is needed during heavy shedding of dense undercoat. They need ears cleaning daily as ear infections might occur. Having daily to weekly grooming lessens the amount of hair shed by the animal.

Sometimes heavy shedding leads to the bald patches, the main reason for such situations can be stress or sickness. Combing and brushing with a firm bristle brush is necessary particularly for the dense undercoat. Using dry shampoo regularly can also reduce hair fall problems. Shedding is moderate in the winter and summer but so much heavy in the springs.


healthGoldens are very energetic and need regular exercise. So, the diet should be fixed depending upon the food and activity of your dog. Diet should not exceed otherwise the dog will gain weight easily as the dog is a food lover. Regular veterinarian health checkup is a must because they are susceptible to specific ailments. As it is a large dog breed, problems like hip dysplasia and obesity are common. Puppies need about three cups of food a day and adults three to five cups of food daily for the proper growth and functioning of the body.

They are prone to cancer including mast cell tumors, Von Willebrand’s disease (an inherited blood disorder that interferes with the blood’s ability to clot), Osteosarcoma (malignant bone cancer that’s common in large and giant breeds) and congenital eye defects. Skin allergies are also common in this breed due to the large hair coat. The average life is about 11 to 12 years but many dogs die at the age of 7 to 8 years due to heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, bone and joint diseases. So regular weight care and health monitoring is a must.

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