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Going to Introduce a White German Shepherd Puppy to your life?

Harvie Dent Apr 07, 2016
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If you’re going to introduce a new White German Shepherd puppy, Then you should probably get to know the breed a little better. Here we’ve compiled all the essential information you need to get to know your pet the best way possible.

White German Shepherds are known for their different names like White Swiss Shepherd, American White Shepherd, White Canadian Shepherd. It is an extracted breed of the normal German Shepherd Dogs. They are a near identical mirror image of a regular German Shepherd, sharing common roots and similar in appearance.

The only thing that makes them different from their fellow ones is their white long and stiff hair coat color. Other than that, they have a strong dominating personality and demands a confident and consistent owner to improvise their physical and mental skills.

Height (average)Male: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm), Female: 22-24 inches (50-60 cm)
Weight (average)77-85 pounds (35-40 kg)
Life Expectancy10 to 13 years
Best EnviromentOutside. Not very good at adapting to apartment living.
Temparmentcourageous, keen, alert, fearless, confident, clever

History and Origin

In German Shepherd Dogs, the recessive gene for white coat hair was cast in the breed gene pool in between the late 19th and early 20th century breeding program. A white German shepherd named Greif who was a working-herding dog fathered the line, and his offspring, Horand von Grafrath, is widely recognized as the founder of all of today’s white German shepherds.

Originated from Europe and spreading to the United States, Canada and worldwide, the white dog shepherd has never been mixed with any other breed of dog to get the creamy or white hair coat. The White Shepherd is also registered with the American White Shepherd Association in the USA independently.

White German Shepherd PuppyGeneral Appearance

The White German Shepherd looks almost identical to normal German Shepherds except for the color. Their long and stiff white weather-resistant coat color makes them unique in their community. They do have longer fur than the traditional one, but they lack the double fur coat.

When comparing movement, they do have very different side gait due to their more square and upright look and lighter body structure as compared to a German shepherd dog. They are a medium sized dog breed and muscular with a low-set tail along with erect ears.


White German Shepherds are the complete package of positive traits. They are courageous, keen, alert, fearless, confident, a good observer, clever etc. They always pay their faithfulness towards their owner and show their braveness by not thinking twice for giving their lives for their loved ones.

Along with their good built personality, they are also very responsible towards their responsibilities that is why these dogs are mostly trusted by police and military. Their intelligence level and adaptation power of surviving themselves in unsuitable conditions cannot be matched by any other dog breed. White German Shepherds have an excellent tri-combination of physical, mental and social strength from birth. But in most of the cases, these traits are proven to impact negative effects on the dog.

The white German Shepherd is fairly vocal, and never shy to bark, make a fuss or howl if they think there is something that you should know, or if they are trying to get your attention!

Due to lack of social attention and physical daily exercise, the behavior of the dog becomes aggressive and annoying. Without careful socialization, White German Shepherds may be skittish and fearful of strangers, which could lead to defensive biting. So, an early proper systematize training is must for these fitness freak dogs.



Exercise and Activity Level

Well, If you are planning on welcoming a white German Shepherd puppy into your family, then be ready and pull up your socks as your dog will be requiring a never ending daily exercise schedule. They can be your companion while you are running, walking, jumping or jogging and a motivator when you will get tired of running but they are still yelling at you to keep on running.

Their energy and activity levels are so high you won’t be able to keep up with their pace. White German Shepherds are also have a very high accuracy rate and love playing mind games to improve their mental strength. Games like Frisbee, catching, ball chasing, participation in canine playgroup are some of favorite ways to spend time.

Adopters of white German shepherd puppies should be pretty sure they are supplying their sufficient time on their dogs for exercise otherwise be ready for a restless rude dog that will damage your assets and other belongings ruthlessly to release its energy and exertion.


Health Problems

Every animal is prone to some disease or problems and the same occurs in the case of White German Shepherd puppies or adult dogs. One of the most common disease that has been found in this breed is hip and elbow dysplasia, This problem usually comes from birth. (in hereditary) So to avoid this problem, be sure parents have their certified hips from OFA. (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Some of the white German Shepherds are known to develop malabsorption syndrome and a variety of eye diseases which cause partial visibility problems.

One of the major problem that all the white German shepherd owners are facing is heavy hair shedding. It is a never ending process in their case and will gradually increase with time. This 24X7 hair shedding has only one cure, Proper and daily hair brushing and bathing. (but not excess as over bathing can cause dryness which ultimately leads to skin irritation)

To Conclusion: Pros & Cons

I’m not sure if you are here because your thinking about adopting a new white german shepherd puppy. or if you already gone ahead and adopted one. But just for your comfort, we’ve compiled a list of important pros and cons.

strong and well built personality with never ever give up attitude.daily routine of plenty of exercise and other outdoor sports to do for your dog.
big dog breed with mellow looking personality and elegant look.not socially active or relationship builds up problems with the dog.
strong potential to accept the situations and challenges and also physically active.destruction and annoying behavior of the pet when bored or not exercised enough.
highly intelligent with exceptional mental and social abilities to learn and do almost anything.regular heavy shedding of hairs all over the house.
family pet and a sensible watchdog.aggression towards other animals or strangers.

If you’ve gone through this list and you still feel like this is the dog for you, Then I wish you all the luck and love for you and your new White German Shepherd Puppy.

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