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Protection Dog Training Done Right

Harvie Dent Apr 09, 2016
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Many dog owners introduce a dog to their lives for the sole purpose of personal protection. I was one my self. People like us demand a safety guard or a watch dog at our doorstep that can protect our family members and other valuable things from unknown or any kind of danger.


But many owners are facing problems with providing the proper training to their dogs. They are able to give only basic training like sitting, playing dead, common working actions etc. Giving proper protection dog training is not that easy as it demands much time, work and expertise. So in this post we’ll provide you with some tricks and tips for engaging in protection dog training in your home!

Start training your dog at an early age

We all know that young and the growing minds are already used to learn and catch actions more quickly than older ones. Same applies in the case of dog training as young dogs are more capable of retaining stuff for a longer period of time. The recommended age for starting dog training is 7-12 weeks. Older dogs are not capable of learning new tricks easily as their minds are still working on the same old routine. But Yes! you can also train them although it would require more practice as their learning pace becomes slower in that age.

1Teach your dog basic obedience commands

The basic step towards protection training of your dog is teaching him all the obedience commands. Your dog must respond or follow these basic commands like sit, stay, stand, bark, follow, leave it etc. If your dog does follow these commands accurately, then you should be happy as your dog is fit enough to become a personal protection dog.


Socialization plays a major role in protection dog training as it will help your dog in judging the situation and people. It will also help in determining whether a person is his friend or foe. This process should start up to the age of 16 weeks. Introducing your dog to your family members and normal daily activities will help him in responding to any unusual events. There is also an important point to note that every dog is not able to judge or distinguish which means that not every dog can be trained for personal protection. We will discuss such dog breeds later on…

Teach your dog to back off

This is one of the most important element to remember when you are training your dog. Your dog should respond and attack by your order but you must also teach him how to back off or leave that targeted personal when you tell him to. Don’t just let him attack and allow him to kill that person as the main objective of this training is to protect you. So, you should give him training in such a way that your dog is able to leave the person after your command.

2Additional Points

  • Teach your dog when to bark: There are two common reasons why the dog barks. One would be that the dog is excited or happy and the second one when the dog feels threatened and tries to drive off the threat by barking. This is something that needs to be taught. You should train them to bark whenever there are strangers passing by or whenever you order.
  • Keep the training sessions short and regular: Most of the dogs have a short attention span and get bored after some time. When you observe that your dog is losing interest and not responding well, stop the training session and let him take a rest. An average training session should be of 35-45 minutes. Other than that, the anxiety levels might get too high and we don’t want that.
  • End training on a positive vibe: We people are always used to training our dogs until they totally get disturbed or until we’re yelling angrily at it. This may also affect your dog’s interest and learning capability towards training sessions. So, try to end the session with a happy mood and always give your dog a reward to praise his hard work.
  • Use single and easy commands: Using the same and easy commands is very important when training your dog. Dogs quickly grapes the particular keyword or action. Dogs have the ability to remember words that they hear and associate it with what its supposed to do as it is taught to him during training as an action.

For example, if you selected the word ‘catch’ which means to catch a ball, don’t change it to another command such as ‘grab’ for the next time in the training. This may cause confusion to your dog. Second thing, always use a single word as a command like ‘attack’, ‘bite’ or ‘sit’. Don’t use combined words or group of words as a command like ‘don’t sit’, ‘attack now’ or ‘catch it’ as it will confuse your dog and can also lose its interest.

Benefits of Protection Dog Training

  • Benefits for the owner: The life of the owner and their family members become safer and comfortable as they can now leave their home, car, children and other valuables things under the security of their dog. Love, care, bonding, communication and the respect for each other also improve among them. The owner is also able to devote more time with their canine friend, and will have a fun hobby of working with their pet in a variety of settings.
  • Benefits for the pet: The dog becomes more confident and gets to know its strength and power. Improvement in health, physical fitness, socialization, consistency, lifestyle etc are some of the key traits of the training program. The dog also experiences the change in its self-confidence and stops being afraid of sudden and unusual situations and rather tackle such situations. The dog begins to understand its master way better and also respect him and his orders.

Recommended Dog Breeds

If you are still thinking about getting a dog for protection and don’t already have one. Here’s a list of the best dog breeds for protection. This is very important as not every dog is fit for protection training, and the dog breed should be seriously taken into consideration before hand. Anyway, here are one of the best dog breeds for protection dog training :

Protection Dog TrainingGerman ShepherdIn my opinion, They are the best for protection point of view. They are genetically gifted strong built, fearless, bold and highly intelligent and can beat any sized human with ease. They quickly learn all the commands and able to identify their prey or danger very quickly. They have thick fur and a tough coating which make them stand-by in any situation.
Protection Dog TrainingRottweilerRottweiler is one of the aggressive breeds but needs to be properly trained. This breed is considered to be the best choice for protecting a family and their home. One of the smartest dog breeds in the world with quick learning ability. They are very loyal towards their loved ones and can cause quick problems to unknowns.
Protection Dog TrainingBullmastiffAs the name resembles, Bullmastiff is a combination of a bulldog and a mastiff. It was the first breed in England and was a fantastic tracker, especially at night time. This breed is known for its strong physique, strength, courageousness and extremely lovable and family loyalty. Some guard dogs only growl and bark but the Bullmastiff will show its attacking skills and can easily take a full-grown man to the ground.
Protection Dog TrainingDoberman PinscherIf you have a large piece of property or valuable things that you are trying to protect, Doberman Pinscher is the only choice for you. This breed is incredibly fast and is able to reach an intruder in a short amount of time. Known as the fifth-smartest dog breed in the world, Dobermans are fearless, alert, and loyal. This breed requires little more exercise and food to thrive in a home. They need to be trained from an early age in order to establish control and command.


These protection dog training methods are not for everyone, nor are they suited for all dogs. A dog selected for personal protection needs to be well socialized, confident but not aggressive and have an interest in his owner´s every move.

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